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Creative design media, including
agazines, brochures, adverts,
flyers, posters, and logos. 


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is a creative design studio, based in the UK, with 38 years of experience, covering a broad range of design, including reprographic design, river tables, sculptures, aluminium/resin wall art, music and film production.

A selection of creative work is available to view below.

Creative Design

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Aluminium Metal Art

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Resin Wall Art

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River Tables & Sculptures
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Music & Film Production

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Paul Johnson is Arklight Design, I'm a graphic designer with over 38 years experience, based in Colchester, Essex, I have a wide range of media design skills from print reprographics to interior design, including metal and resin wall art to creating unusual river tables and sculptures, specialising in bespoke one off designs.

I've also been involved in film production, post production special effects and writing and composing soundtracks, being part of a small 

independent film company called 2 Blokes Films, specialising in feature films, and other media.


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